ScoutCloud Simplifies Disaster Recovery as a Service

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) or Cloud Provider, you offer your customers all the advantages of a scalable, high performance IT infrastructure without any of the capital expense requirements. On-line backup and disaster recovery services are a perfect fit for the MSP model since you can offer feature-rich data protection and recovery services, with the sophisticated expertise to manage it, to your customers on a “pay as you go” basis. This offers recovery capabilities your customers might not otherwise be able to afford, allows them to scale these services up or back very easily, and makes costs predictable over time.

For MSPs/Cloud Providers that can provision storage resources, InMage offers interesting, next generation technologies that address key data protection and recovery problems like backup windows, data loss on recovery, poor recovery times, and recovery reliability. Leveraging technologies like continuous data protection (CDP), heterogeneous asynchronous replication, and application failover/failback, among others, InMage enables MSPs/Cloud Providers to offer transparent data protection to their end user customers that supports near zero data loss on recovery and provides recovery within minutes, even from remote site (MSP/Cloud) locations.

Enabling Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery for MSPs and Cloud Providers

ScoutCloudTM platform addresses the growing market for cloud-based disaster recovery products, also called the Disaster Recovery as a Service market. ScoutCloud leverages next generation recovery technologies including disk-based recovery, continuous data protection (CDP), application snapshot API integration, asynchronous replication, application awareness, and WAN optimization. These next generation recovery technologies are wrapped up in a single product, offering: best in class data protection; a comprehensive physical-to-virtual (P2V) and virtual-to-virtual (V2V) recovery engine that supports all applications; a provisioning manager that automates provisioning of recovery for virtual machines and associated storage combined with a full- fledged multi-tenant portal. This enables MSPs and cloud providers to have the fastest time to market when offering customers a near zero RPO and RTO capable Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

ScoutCloud Features Enabling Recovery as a Service

  • Multi-tenant portal enables the management of all customer services through a single portal
  • P2V, V2V replication engine seamlessly delivers a virtual machine for every physical or virtual server in your customers’ environment
  • Delivers true application-consistent data availability across both virtual and physical machines
  • Works with any and all applications to provide near zero RPO and RTO
  • Automatic alerting on replication and recovery status
  • Customized replication health reports
  • Current and historical network utilization reports for end user billing
  • Low overhead in deployment and use makes it a great fit for virtual machine environments that are a key supporting technology in cloud-based computing
  • Heterogeneous support that maximizes MSP and cloud provider market opportunities by covering a wide range of server, storage, and application environments
  • Flexible licensing model allows for a pay as you go

Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery - How it works

InMage combines a number of next generation recovery technologies that will help your customers eliminate tape-based infrastructure, meet evolving recovery requirements, and/or expand application services capacity without impacting capital budgets. And InMage’s flexible licensing model allows these services to be easily started or stopped on demand, providing more granularity than what you may have been able to offer your customers in the past.

Because of InMage’s unique architecture, MSPs can offer end users a single deployment model which can accommodate a whole range of tiered services and heterogeneous environments. End users can move between these tiers without impacting production, a capability which is unique to ScoutCloud.


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With the simple installation of a single filter driver on client side servers, you can offer a whole host of tiered services, as well as migration between these services without ever having to touch client side servers again. The filter driver, called an InMage data tap, replaces backup agents, replication agents, and any other snapshot tools that may have been loaded on your customers’ servers for data protection purposes, providing a much lower overhead way to capture data that is a perfect fit for physical and virtual servers alike.

With the data tap installed, you can offer simple on-line backup services, as well as services that can automatically fail applications over into the cloud where they can be hosted while your clients are recovering from the effects of a disaster at their primary site. Given InMage’s use of CDP technology, you can provide near zero data loss on recovery, at either local or remote sites, which allows you to offer service level agreements for data and application recovery across different tiers.

Through the addition of professional services, you can offer very sophisticated business continuity solutions, leveraging your facilities and ability to host applications as the disaster recovery site for many businesses that could otherwise not afford one.

Cloud-Based Administration

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Many enterprises retain test beds that are used for maintenance purposes, to test performance optimizations, and other development work. Depending on how often this environment is used, it may be underutilized, a fact which decreases the overall efficiency of the IT infrastructure and increases costs. Small and large enterprises alike can benefit from the ability to rapidly bring test environments that meet their requirements up within the cloud, and may be able to dynamically provision larger test harnesses than they could support in house to test applications at scale and address other maintenance and development needs.

What’s different about what InMage enables with ScoutCloud is again based on the ease of use of provisioning not just resources, but solutions built around specific application environments. Instead of the manual effort required to create an Exchange test bed in the cloud, an end user could provision that almost literally with the push of a button which mounts their selected data set on a virtual server in the cloud running Windows and then brings up an instance of Exchange. Once the test process is complete, that environment can be quickly de-commissioned, with InMage’s flexible licensing model providing very granular billing options.

Production Off-load

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Download the InMage ScoutClould Data Sheet >>
View the official ScoutCloud press release "InMage ScoutCloud Enables MSPs and Cloud Providers to Quickly and Economically Address the Recovery as a Service Market"


  • + InMage Scout for Windows

      Operating Systems:
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2012
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2008
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2003
    • Platforms:
    • x86 (32 bit)
    • x64 (64 bit)
  • + InMage Scout for Linux

      Operating Systems:
    • Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 4.x
    • Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 5.x
    • Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 6.x
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11
    • CentOS 5.x
    • CentOS 6.x
    • Platforms:
    • x86 (32 bit)
    • x64 (64 bit)
    • File Systems:
    • Ext3/4
    • VxFS
    • GFS2 (Supported on RHEL6 64-bit)
    • ReiserFS3/4
  • + InMage Scout support for Hypervisors

      Supported Hypervisors:
    • Microsoft HyperV
    • XenServer 5.6
    • XenServer 6.0
    • VMware ESX 4.x
    • VMware ESX 5.x