InMage Scout

InMage Scout is a software solution for application and data recovery that supports remote disaster recovery, local backup elimination, and application failover/failback at both remote and local sites. InMage Scout includes several software-based components, including CX software and data taps. CX software is designed to run on any Intel-based platform, while the data taps are filter drivers installed on servers that you want to protect.

InMage Scout is flexible in the sense that it can be used to protect Windows, Linux, and Unix servers that use either DAS, NAS, or SAN storage. It can be configured to support either block-based or file-based replication, but because of the efficiencies associated with block-based replication, most of our customers use the product in that way. Any open systems storage subsystem types are supported, including SCSI, FC, and iSCSI. It supports protected server source(s) and recovery server target(s) that use heterogeneous storage and heterogeneous storage architectures (e.g. DAS to SAN, etc.).

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As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) or Cloud Provider, you offer your customers all the advantages of a scalable, high performance IT infrastructure without any of the capital expense requirements. On-line backup and disaster recovery services are a perfect fit for the MSP model since you can offer feature-rich data protection and recovery services, with the sophisticated expertise to manage it, to your customers on a “pay as you go” basis. This offers recovery capabilities your customers might not otherwise be able to afford, allows them to scale these services up or back very easily, and makes costs predictable over time.

For MSPs/Cloud Providers that can provision storage resources, InMage offers interesting, next generation technologies that address key data protection and recovery problems like backup windows, data loss on recovery, poor recovery times, and recovery reliability. Leveraging technologies like continuous data protection (CDP), heterogeneous asynchronous replication, and application failover/failback, among others, InMage enables MSPs/Cloud Providers to offer transparent data protection to their end user customers that supports near zero data loss on recovery and provides recovery within minutes, even from remote site (MSP/Cloud) locations.

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InMage-4000™ is a turnkey appliance that provides unified backup and disaster recovery for today’s 24x7 enterprises. It’s self-contained and scalable architecture includes compute, network and storage resources that enable quick implementations. This significantly reduces the operational cost and time compared to competing products. The InMage-4000 provides the capability to restart datacenters in minutes with near zero data loss, allowing you to meet the stringent demands of mission critical servers. Granular, application consistent recoveries make restoring a cinch, allowing you to quickly handle operational recovery.

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